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Decorating your home or office can be challenging at times. There are so many options to choose from when shopping for your space that things can get quite overwhelming. So we set up this page to help you do an easy shopping at HappyWallz. We divide our huge selection of products by the rooms like living room, bedroom, bathroom, nursery, kitchen and office. Take advantage of our wide selection and decorate your entire home!!
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Please note, the size you pick is for the whole decal, not each letter, not each word, not each line..
$14.9 $6.9
 These are the most popular Gold Polka Dots Wall Decals.You may lay them out on your wall i..
$17.0 $4.9
Based on 2 reviews.
This wall decal is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely stars in different sizes.Y..
$40.0 $24.9
Our beautiful birch tree forest wall stickers are a must for contemporary and traditional homes alik..
$149.0 $118.5
Large tree wall decal with so many colorful leaves blowing in the wind, great for nursery & home..
$95.0 $59.5
This wall decal is a kind of motivational quote wall decal with the saying:"The more that y..
$30.0 $19.5
This wall decal is a customized name with the initial of your name in two colors. It is on..
$30.0 $17.8
This wall decal is about a pair of feathers. It belongs to the modern wall decal.You may apply t..
$30.0 $26.0
This Beautiful Branch treet wall decals will let you feel in the nature! Our wall decals are ideal f..
$40.0 $34.5
This is a large cherry blossom tree with so many colorful flowers on its branches.You may apply ..
$88.0 $59.0
Based on 1 reviews.
This Vinyl Decal will be perfect addition to any interior including Nursery, Bedroom. And a..
$16.0 $14.9
Colourful star wall stickers perfect for children's bedrooms and playrooms. SIZE:&n..
$21.0 $19.0
This wall decal is about a beautiful dandelion with some of her petals flying.It is very gorgeo..
$70.0 $48.5
This wall decal is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely empty triangles.You may la..
$10.0 $4.9
Based on 1 reviews.
Stars Fairy with personalized girl's name and monogram decal is for nursery room or bedroom. you..
$17.0 $16.0
This wall decal is about so many cute animal friends playing together in the jungle zoo.It is a..
$65.0 $19.5
This room tree wall decal sticker set consists of a large tree in the wind, leaves and playful flyin..
$59.0 $56.0
This wall decal is the map of the world. It belongs to the modern wall decal.You may apply this ..
$25.0 $19.5
Origami Animals Decal includes turtle, rabbit, Crocodile, enlephant, penguin, unicorn and other favo..
This decal is perfect for your nursery room which would be surrounded by peaceful tree,owl,and the s..
$79.5 $76.0
This is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely polka dots in different sizes.You may..
$18.0 $8.9
 These are some lovely polka dots.You may lay them out on your wall in any ways as you like..
$17.0 $9.8
Custom Boat Name Decal With sea mew. You can customize this decal with your son's name.This Kids..
$18.0 $17.0
Sports Wall Decal with custom name makes your boy's bedroom Unique.It is one of the nursery ..
$19.0 $18.0
This wall decal is a kind of quote wall decal with the saying:"Today you are you, that is t..
$28.0 $19.8
You can chose any two colours for your set outside frame Colour and inside solide triangle colour. ..
This wall decal is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely hearts.You may lay them ou..
$23.0 $8.8
Nursery Large birch trees wall decals with birds and owl on their branches.You may apply this wa..
$120.0 $89.5
Based on 1 reviews.
Remind your family and let visitors know what their in for by proudly displaying your house rules. ..
This beautiful prayer would be perfect over your kitchen or dining room table! SIZE:&nb..
$15.0 $12.9
Personalized name with scroll butterfly wall decal. Perfect for a girl's nursery or bedroom wall..
$19.9 $15.8
This Butterfly themed custom name decal would be perfect for a child's nursery or girls bedroom...
$18.5 $16.5
This wall decal is about some concentric circles.You may apply this wall decal in your nursery r..
$37.0 $29.5
Dream Higher Than The Sky And Deeper Than The Ocean Wall Decal Inspirational Quote- A beautiful..
$15.0 $13.0
Wall art decal features elephant, butterflys,Monogram and name of your choice. Great for children&rs..
This wallpaper is suitable for the post in the bedroom or living room .It can add sweet feeling to y..
$22.9 $16.9
Yes... this is a Quote from Walt Disney! And as he said... "Always remember that this whole thi..
$15.9 $12.8
This wall decal is about a simple lotus. It belongs to the modern wall decal.You may apply this ..
This wall decal is a customized family name with your initial letter in two colors. And also with th..
$14.0 $12.0
What little girl doesn't love horses?! This gorgeous wall decal would be the perfect finishing t..
$30.0 $23.0
Two colors available for each set of polka dots sticker.You may lay them out on your wall in any..
$20.0 $12.9
Our best-selling Boys Hunting Themed Woodland Wall Decal is personalized with your child&r..
$17.0 $15.0
This wall decal is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely triangles.You may lay them..
$10.0 $4.9
This Vinyl Wall Quote will be perfect in a bedroom setting on to show your feelings for the one you ..
$14.0 $11.9
This large maple tree decal is great for decorating interior and exterior surfaces and can be applie..
$95.0 $99.0
Modern nursery birch wall tree decal with leaves, and cute ladybugs. This graceful baby room decal i..
$99.5 $95.0
Sweet Dreams Eyelashes decal. The latest in home decorating. Beautiful wall vinyl decals, that are s..
Squirrel wall decal customised with kids name and mmonogram. For nursery and little guy's room d..
$22.8 $21.8
Baby Whale Wall Decal Personalised with name and monogram Nautical Theme Room Decor for Nursery and ..
Make your home uniquely personal with one of the latest trends in home decor! Wall quotes give the e..
Wall Decals Beauty Salon Nail Art Manicure Vinyl Decal Interior Decor Sticker Hairdresser Hairstyle ..
Bunny wall decals are a great way to decorate any space. This design is the perfect addition to the ..
$19.5 $18.5
Cinderella Have Courage And Be Kind Wall Decal Quote, Cinderella Wall Decal can be a nice reminder a..
Construction trucks wall decal can be customised with your kids name and monogram. SIZE..
$19.0 $18.0
This unique corner tree adds a soft touch of nature to your baby nursery or kid's room. ..
$64.0 $63.0
All pieces come separate so that you can arrange them how you'd like. SIZE & PR..
$35.0 $34.0
This dandelion wall decal with personalized name is ideal for bedroom, your child's nursery, lap..
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