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Large Tree Wall Decal installation

Step by step guide to install Large Tree Wall Decal using “middle hinge” technique

What you will need:
- painters or masking tape
- scissors
- any plastic card
- utility or craft knife (just in case)
Have it handy at the arms reach at all times.


Step 1

First, secure your design with painters tape to check the position and placement of multiple pieces. Then, create a long line with painters tape in the middle of the tree. It will be your “middle hinge”. Make sure it is secure, run the tape twice if needed.

Step 2-3

Cut the excess material as close as you can to vinyl edge that you need to connect to main piece.
It will help you install accurately and precisely.

hint: you need to overlap branches over the main trunk by 1-2mm, to allow the vinyl to settle without gaps

Step 4

Make sure nothing is in the way of the piece you are installing.

Step 5

Since a few weeks passed from the time your large tree wall decal was created and application, the bond between transfer tape and vinyl decal has been lessen. If you pull on transfer tape right away you might see that the vinyl film will still be glued to the backing paper. To help the application, rub the transfer tape well with the plastic card.

Step 6

Remove the little pieces of painters tape holding the top part and let it fall.
Peel the transfer tape (with vinyl film attached) from the backing paper. Make sure the hanging piece doesn’t fold, bend, wrap in any way. It may damage the adhesive side.

Step 7

Cut the backing paper. You don’t need it anymore. Make sure you have a clean cut and there are no small particles hanging, they will be stuck to the vinyl and create bubbles.

Step 8

Carefully, starting from the hinge press the decal to the wall, slowly going upwards. Use the hands or the card as you go up.

Step 9

Remove the hinge and other little pieces holding the bottom part of decal. Lift the part that still has backing paper up, but do not bend. Peel away the backing paper starting from the top and press on the vinyl as you move down. Make sure you leave no bubbles behind.

hint: if after you are done with application of large tree wall decal and find that you missed a few bubbles, take the smallest needle and pinch the bubble. Squeeze the air out.

Step 10

Continue running down the length of three until all backing paper removed.

Step 11

Make sure you rub well with plastic card over transfer tape to harden the bond with the wall.

Step 12

Start peeling the transfer tape off the wall at 45 degree angle as close to the wall as possible. If you pull towards yourself, you might separate vinyl from the wall.

Step 13

If any pieces stuck to the transfer tape, return the tape to the wall and rub again over that spot. If that doesn’t help, with your knife peel the vinyl from the transfer tape and place on the wall.

Step 14

Continue removing transfer tape until all removed. DO NOT use the plastic card directly on vinyl, with your hands smooth the vinyl pressing to the wall.

Step 15

Small branches are easy to install. Remove the transfer tape with vinyl attached from backing paper. Discard backing paper.

Step 16

Connect the branch with the trunk, overlapping 1-2mm to allow the vinyl branch to hold on to the main tree.

Step 17

Smooth over the wall with plastic card, remove transfer tape.

Step 18

Larger branch should not be removed from backing paper all at once, separate the corner you are going to connect with trunk and overlap branch by 1-2mm. Bend backing paper and remove in the same manner as the bottom part of the tree.

Step back and enjoy your large tree wall decal.